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Whitstable Castle wedding photographer

Melissa and Joe first met me whilst they were planning their wedding at Whitstable Castle in Kent at a wedding fair. We had a lovely chat and they both thought I would be the perfect match as their Whitstable Castle wedding photographer. The castle is a lovely venue which can sometimes be overlooked a little which is a shame as it really does provide a beautiful backdrop, and you get the added bonus of being able to say you got married in a castle.

the bride and groom sit on the lawns of whitstable castle surrounded by plants and the castle in the background
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-1

We met up again a few weeks before their wedding just to go over the finer details and timings of the day, plus it gave us a lovely chance to have a coffee and a walk around the Whitstable Castle gardens and look for favourite wedding photography locations.

the brides bouquet with gypsophila and white roses in the window light of Whitstable castle wedding venue.
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-2

I arrived at the castle nice and early and I plenty of time for Melissa and Joes wedding ceremony. Early enough to get a few photos of the castle, the flowers, suits and Melissas dress, and then of course a few photos of Melissa and the children playing before it was time for everyone to get wedding ready.

SHOT by JFK wedding photography bride portrait before she goes down to her wedding ceremony
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-3

The ceremony arrived in double quick time as it often does. You think you have plenty of time and all of a sudden that last hour just disappears for some reason. Honest, it does, it just evaporates. Melissa and Joe did leave some spare time in their timeline and please make sure you do as well.

the bride walks down th ewasile within the ceremony room at Whitstable Castle, she is wearing a white dress and a flower crown and walking with her daughter.
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-4

Melissa walked down the aisle with her daughter while Joe waited for her with their two boys. This really was a lovely family led ceremony and the love in the room was so lovely. Love and giggles. absolutely perfect.

the bride and groom stand together, holding hands and giggling with their young son as the registrar leads the wedding ceremony. in Whitstable Castle
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-5

love, laughter, and giggles, just beautiful.

The bride and groom are with their young son at the top of the aisle in Whiststale Castles ceremony room. All of their guests are looking on and smiling.
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-6

The Groom places the wedding ring on his brides finger and she giggles with excitement
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-7

With this ring I thee wed.......

I just love, love, love my job!!!

The grooms is holding the wedding ring on his new wifes finger. beautifully lit by the sunshine coming through the castles window.
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-8

As is always the case, before you know it the ceremony is over and you get to enjoy the afternoon with your family and friends.

the bride and groom, now married, enjoy a relaxed afternoon in the sunshine on the roof terrace of Whitstable Castle
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-9

With music playing and laughter echoing Melissa and Joe could enjoy a bit of time relaxing up on the roof terrace at Whitstable Castle.

The groom poses whilst holding his new wife's bouquet
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-10

the bride and groom laughing and having lots of fun n the roof terrace with their guests as the afternoon sun lights them against the castle wall.
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-11

One of the best things about being a Kent wedding photographer is that I get to enjoy all of the laughter and happiness that a wedding brings. Melissa and Joe didn't stop laughing for the entire time I was with them.

Although it was a very short amount of time that Melissa and Joe had booked me for as their wedding, we still managed to get lots of really lovely candid and relaxed wedding photographs. If you follow me in any way at all you will know that my sale of wedding photography is very relaxed but we still get a little creative and we still manage to get some beautiful wedding photos of you both, just in a very relaxed and candid way.

This is exactly what we did when we sneaked away from the guests for 20 minutes for some couples portraits around the grounds of Whitstable Castle. When you book me as your Kent wedding photographer this is one of the things we chat about and I will ask if you want to nip off for a little while to get some quiet time and some coupes portraits on your wedding day,

The bride and groom sneak a quiet kiss under the rose arch at Whitstable Castle
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-12

This time can be very relaxed, and we will have fun and some giggles but it gives you a few minutes to just enjoy being together and be romantic. Well, as romantic as you can be with me shoving a camera at you, sorry not sorry.

But look at what you come away with when you let yourself take a few minutes away (with me).

the bride and groom sit on a garden bench in the gardens of whitstable castle. She snuggles in to him and they just relax in the afternoon sunshine
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-13

The bride and groom showing off their wedding rings at Whitstable Castle wedding venue
Whitstable Castle wedding photographer SHOT by JFK Photography-14

If you loved Melissa and Joes wedding photos and you think I would be a good match for your wedding, just click the link and let's get chatting. I would absolutely love to be your Kent Wedding Photographer.

That you both for letting me be your Kent wedding photographer, I had the best time and I wish you both a very gorgeous future together.

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