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Will we meet you before the wedding?

Yes, of course. We will have a meeting to discuss your timeline the fine details, and your requirements. 

Do we have to have the pre-wedding meeting at the venue?

No, not if it suits you to have it somewhere else. It would be pretty difficult to arrange this if you are getting married in a Chateau in France, so we can have it anywhere that suits. As long as we can grab a coffee and a slice of cake and have a chat that is fine.

I will always try and visit the venue before your wedding day. This can be on my own or with both of you, whichever suits. Generally I find things run a little more smoothly if I can meet up with the venue and introduce myself a week or two before your day instead of just rolling up on the day and acting like a rock star photographer. It also helps me if I have not shot at the venue before so I can have a good nose around to find all the best locations to shoot in.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. I have Public Liability and Personal Indemnity insurance in place at all times. Please check this with any photographer you may choose if not me (but it'd be lovely if you choose me of course), any photographer will be happy to show insurance - unless they don't have any of course!

Do we need to supply you with a meal?

No, you don't need to at all. Some venues will supply the photographer with a meal so feel free to ask them but I am more than happy to sit down somewhere quiet with my sandwich and a cola or juice from the bar.

How many photos will we get?

This is never a straightforward answer as there are many variable that will affect the amount of photos you receive in your final gallery.  A 50 minute church ceremony will allow for more photos than a 12 minute registrar led ceremony.  Some venues will allow me to roam quite freely and take any photos I wish, other venues are very strict on where I can stand and when I can and can not take photographs. Obviously having 100 guests will allow for more photos than having 20 guests. I will always photograph as much as I can but I am always tied to the House Rules of the venue you have chosen. I never limit the amount of photographs I edit and deliver to you so don't worry that I have kept any photos back. That will never be the case.

Do you have back up equipment in case of failures?

Yes I do. All of my equipment is modern and replaced at timely intervals.

I carry 2 matching cameras, spare lenses and spare flash heads if needed. I change memory cards at regular intervals through the day and my camera holds two memory cards.

What areas do you cover?

Where do you need me to be? I cover Kent, Sussex, and Surrey regularly. I have also photographed weddings in Berkshire and Hertfordshire and shot weddings abroad and remember well a wedding on a  beach on the gulf coast of Florida many years ago. So just let me know where your venue is and we can sort out a package that suits. You might be surprised at how affordable it can be if it turns out you are getting married in one of my dream wedding locations. 

Can you recommend a videographer to us?

Yes, I regularly with                                       and we offer joint booking discounts if you book with both of us. 

What happens next?

Well assuming you would like me to photograph your wedding we need to meet up to discuss your requirements. So contact me through the link on my contact page or click             and we can arrange a meeting face to face or we can have a chat on the phone and go from there.

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