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Lympne Church wedding photographer

Hannah and Tommy met me at a wedding fair when they were looking for their wedding photographer for their wedding at their local Church which is right next door to Lympne Castle. We had quite a chat about their wedding plans and when they told me they were getting married on the same date and in the same church as Hannahs parents and Grandparents I was hooked.

Have two ever heard of anything as sweet and meaningful. 3 generations all married on the same day of the year and all at the same church. I say so often that I am so lucky to be a wedding photographer and this is just one more beautiful little story that proves it. Being a Kent wedding photographer is just simply the best thing ever!!

Lympne Church in the early morning January sunshine on the day of a wedding
SHOT by JFK Photography, Lympne Church wedding-1

My drive down to St Stephens Church was fresh with pockets of January morning mist and fog, but as I arrived at the church the mist had all lifted and the sky was blue. It was chilly, but very beautiful and just perfect for a January wedding. The family tradition of keeping the date really paid off.

Tommy and his Best Man arrived and we had a good chat. Everyone was calm and relaxed and just really looking forward to what was going to be a beautiful wedding.

Father Barry was the officiant for Tommy and Hannah's wedding and I have to give him kudos for both being brilliant and a lot of fun, and also for allowing me to get some beautiful photos in his church of St Stephens.

a rose place with love and in memory of family members on a church pew at St Stephens church.
SHOT by JFK Photography, Lympne Church wedding-2

It is fair to say that being a Kent Wedding Photographer I get the best seat in the house when it comes to a wedding ceremony. I get to see that special look that the bride gives her groom as she walks down the aisle.

The bride was down the aisle to her waiting groom at St Stephens Church in Lympne. She is wearing a white dress with a white bolero jacket.
SHOT by JFK Photography, Lympne Church wedding-3

Seriously, I just love being a wedding photographer. It is the best job ever.

The vicar makes a joke to the bride and groom and both laugh
SHOT by JFK Photography, Lympne Church wedding-4

The groom is looking at his bride as others look on and the vicar hosts the wedding ceremony at St Stephens Church in Lympne.
SHOT by JFK Photography, Lympne Church wedding-5

Father Barry really did play a large part in the wedding ceremony being special. With a really nice balance of hilarious humour and emotional moments with an occasional nod to family members that were no longer with us. A truly special ceremony.

The bride and groom in the aisle, winter sun falls through the stained glass window and bathes them both with dappled light.
SHOT by JFK Photography, Lympne Church wedding-6

You know it's a lovely wedding ceremony when the guest are enthralled with every word. When they join in with each of you special moments you know you are both blessed.

one of the guests at the wedding is peering around the side of the lecturn and enjoying the fun of the wedding ceremony
SHOT by JFK Photography, Lympne Church wedding-7

The bride looks at her groom as they hold hands and exchange wedding rings.
SHOT by JFK Photography, Lympne Church wedding-8

The look that tells you you are so loved.

Over to soon Hannah and Tommy had exchanged their wedding rings and said "I do", now married they went outside to lay flowers in honour and memory of a family member. The weather stayed nice and we were able to have a very fun confetti walk outside St Stephens Church. We were then allowed back inside for some fun group photos before it was time for me to leave Hannah and Tommy to enjoy the rest of their wedding day.

Seriously though, a family tradition of getting married on the same day in January. I absolutely love that. Thank you Hannah and Tommy for letting me be your wedding photographer.

If you are looking for your Kent Wedding Photographer and you loved Hannah and Tommy's wedding photos there click the link and get in touch. I would love to be your wedding photographer.


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