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Thank you for visiting my site. Here is a little background info about me so you have an idea of who I am and what my style of wedding photography is.

I am John Kennedy, lead photographer for SHOT by JFK Photography. I am married to Dawn who will sometimes accompany me as my lead assistant, Dawn helps me with the details of a wedding day, straightening dresses, hiding errant hand bags etc so they are not in shot. 

I am a very relaxed documentary styled photographer. For the most part you won't know I am there, but every now and again, especially if we are lucky with an amazing sunset I will ask if you want to nip out for 10 minutes so we can get that stunning sunset shot that you might want. Or (possibly after the guests have had a couple of prosseco's and a gin or two) we might shoot some fun small group shots. We will of course get the traditional group photos, and bride and groom portraits but largely I will be hiding in the wings and capturing those fun, personal candid moments that really mean something when you are looking back through your beautiful wedding album in years and decades to come. You have both spent months planning the details of your wedding, hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your beautiful dress, hundreds of pounds on the wedding car, hundreds of pounds on your wedding cake, and hundreds of pounds probably on your bouquet, that is not to mention the countless hours deciding on the finer details so please let me capture all of those special details in an unobtrusive manner that you can enjoy long after your cake has been eaten ( because lets face it, it tasted seriously yummy) and the flowers have faded. The photos I will take will be timeless reminders of your most important day and will always be there to take you back in time to the romance, the friendships and the family that wanted to share your day with you.

Many years ago I used to drive wedding limousines at the weekend. This job came to me through a love of cars and it seemed like the perfect job for me. Since those days I have been Best Man at 8 different weddings and usher at two more. I have photographed weddings in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, and abroad too in Florida. I have also been commissioned for a couple of photoshoots in Utah, USA. It is fair to say I absolutely love weddings and having always had cameras in my hand since I was a small child wedding photography became an obvious direction for my career to go.

So that is a bit about me. I would love to have a chat to you about your special day so please get in touch my details are below and we can talk about your requirements  I offer various collections which you can find on my Prices and collections page          , but can tailor very much to your individual needs. Let's face it, every wedding is super special, and quite rightly so. Every Bride and Groom want their own tailored special day, so I can offer a tailored collection specifically to you both on your day.  Let me know if you are getting married in the Rockies, or a ranch in Wyoming, or maybe Iceland, or Ireland and  I will sort out "my dream wedding photo shoot" Johnny special discount for you both. Yes, Photographers have dream weddings to you know.

Of course at SHOT by JFK we use top of the range professional equipment and we are fully insured as you would expect and hope from a professional wedding photographer. Never be afraid to ask to see our insurance documents (or any other photographer you are thinking of hiring. If they have insurance they won't mind showing you). More than once I have arrived at the wedding venue on the day of the wedding and been asked by the venue to provide my documents and failure to be able to do so would result in not being allowed to photograph. This is becoming more common so please make sure whoever you hire (me please) has current and correct insurance in place.

Thanks for reading and staying with me there.


If you would like to chat further please drop me a line in the contact box below. I look forward to speaking to you soon.


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