John Kennedy


I am John, an award winning and published wedding photographer, and I hope that I will be your wedding photographer.

So if you are on this page I guess you want to know who I am and whether I will fit in with you both for your wedding day. Heres a few bits and pieces about me.

1989 I picked up a photography book and was intrigued. I went out and bought a camera and fell in love with photography

1995 I started driving wedding limousines. This is when I first realised how much I enjoyed weddings.

1998 I photographed my first wedding. It was a friends wedding on a beach near Sarasota in Florida. 

Life overtook and a full time job took control of life as it sometimes can.

2001 I met my now wife, Dawn

2003 I moved to Kent and Dawn and I got married.

The full time job got even more full time, but I always had my camera to hand.

Fast forward a few years and photography and weddings came together for me again.

2015 I photographed my first wedding professionally. 

After several years photographing weddings I now enjoy them more than I ever did and realise this is the career that I have been destined for all along. 

Now I am lucky enough to capture memories of weddings, engagements, and newborns for my clients and I absolutely love every single bit of it.

My photography style is very relaxed, very candid and fun, yet still professional. I love to capture those little moments that are so special but will often be missed with a more formal and posed photography style. I aim to capture those intimate moments, the smiles, the happy tears, but I also take the time to get the important little details of your day. If you are wearing your nan's ear rings, or your grandads pocket watch, let me know and I promise to catch those too. It is your wedding day, and it's all about you and I never forget that. 

Favourite things......

Holiday destination - USA


Photography - obviously

A nice coffee ( I will never say no to a good coffee, haha)

Quality time with loved ones - I mean, who doest right?!


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Tel: 07889 826 233

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