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SHOT by JFK Photography newborn baby photoshoot

Newborn Photoshoots

Newborn Photoshoot Details

Your newborn photoshoot will take place over a 90 minute sitting at our studio. You will get the choice of 10 of your favourite images from all of the images taken during your sitting. All 10 of your newborn baby photographs will be professionally and individually edited and delivered to you for digital download via a password protected gallery on our website. We ask that you bring some favourite toys and anything that has special meaning for you and your baby that we can use as props in your photoshoot. I find that this gives more meaning to the photographs taken than if we use generic toys that have no meaning to you and your family. 

Newborn photoshoot in your home

This is exciting and new!


SHOT by JFK Photography is now offering a mobile newborn photoshoot option. We now offer a fully professional photo studio that we will set up in your home.  No more having to go out in the chilly air or rain with your baby for your photoshoot. No more having to pack bags of nappies, wet wipes, nappy bags, more wet wipes, changes of clothes and more wet wipes. This is so convenient you will love it. Book me in for your baby's photoshoot and I come to your home with everything I need to capture your newborn in beautiful images that you will love. Don't worry about space, I can fit my studio in any front room or bedroom.

Below is a sample of a photoshoot taken at our clients home using our mobile studio.

Lottie 1
Lottie 2
Lottie 3
Lottie 4
Lottie 5
Lottie 6
Below is a sample of a photoshoot taken at our Medway Studio.
newborn baby Arthur
Newborn baby
Newborn baby
Newborn baby
Newborn baby
Newborn baby
Newborn baby


How old should my baby be for a newborn shoot?

We recommend arranging your photoshoot before your baby is between 5 days and 2 weeks old. This allows us to get those super lovely calm and still curly photos. You want those gorgeous curly poses right? Plus, at around the 7 to 14 day mark your baby wont have the baby acne that can sometimes come along at 3 weeks or so.

What should I dress my baby in?

Almost anything you like. Pastel colours bring a lovely calm vibe to your photographs, but vibrant colours still look great in photos. Bring a few changes of clothing so we can get some different feels, and also just in case baby makes a mess of what they are wearing. well, it does happen doesn't it.

Do I have to bring my own props?

I only ask you to bring your own so that the photographs bring even more meaning to you and your family. A special blanket to swaddle your baby in is always a lovely touch. Favourite toys will have more meaning than anything I can provide for you.

How long will my photos take to arrive?

I will try and get an online gallery together for you within a day or two. Then you choose your favourites, and I get to work on editing them. I would hope to get your photographs to you within a week of receiving your final choice of photographs.

Can I buy more photographs if I want to?

Yes, of course. Any photograph from your sitting can be added in and will be professionally edited and finished for you to download with the 10 photographs included with your sitting.

Can I purchase prints

Yes, of course. Many couples will get prints done themselves but I can offer you very reasonable rates on high quality prints, canvasses, acrylic prints, etc. I can even arrange an absolutely gorgeous album for your beautiful photographs if you would like your photos kept all in one easy to reach pace. Perfect for looking back on over the years to come.

What do I need to do to arrange a photoshoot?

Just drop me a line. Let's talk. Short notice is usually not a problem. In fact, with newborn shoots this is very often the nature of things. Drop me a line via my contact page and we can get you booked in for your newborn shoot.

What area do you cover?

I will be very happy to photograph your baby anywhere through the Medway towns, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Strood, Wainscott, Gravesend etc. But we can also arrange for me to travel further if that suits.

Can you come to my home?

YES! as of December 2021 we are now offering an "At Your Home Newborn Baby Photoshoot". Talk about doing what it says on the tin! I will come to your home with my mobile studio. Don't worry if you think you dont have room for it. I can almost 100% guarantee that it will work and we can get absolutely beautiful photos of your baby within your own home.

A fully operating professional photography studio that comes to your own home. Drop me a line to discuss.

William's Newborn photo session took place when he was 9 days old. The perfect age for newborn photo sessions. 

William 1
William 2
William 3
William 4

Little Lola arrived 2 months early. We had to wait a little while and her newborn photoshoot took place when she was 6 weeks old.

Lola 7
Lola 1
Lola 3
Lola 4
Lola 2
Lola 5
Lola 6

Below is a sample of our Baby Albums that can be ordered in conjunction with your Newborn Baby Photoshoot

Baby Album 1
Baby Album 2
Baby Album 3
Baby Album 4
Baby Album 5
Baby Album 6
Baby Album 7
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