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Chatham Historic Dockyard wedding

Updated: Feb 1

Sherlock Homes, Bridgerton, Selfridge!

and now this seasons epic blockbuster, "Mr and Mrs Kinch" have all been filmed at Chatham Historic Dockyard

HMS Gannet with its reflection in its pool
SHOT by JFK Photography, Chatham Dockyard wedding 1

What a fantastic day we were gifted for Natasha's and Martin's wedding in September at the amazing Chatham Historic Dockyard near Rochester in Kent.

Chatham Historic Dockyard might seem familiar to you as it has been used for filming many television series and films including Call the Midwife, Mr Selfridge, Bridgerton, Les Miserables and many more.

Natasha and Martin's wedding was to take place on board HMS Gannet, she is a Sloop of the Victorian Navy, powered by steam and sail she was launched in 1878. Chatham Historic Dockyard host weddings in various buildings around this really impressive naval dockyard and HMS Gannet is just one venue for your amazingly different wedding ceremony.

HMS Gannet at Chatham Historic Dockyard

Natasha and Martin's wedding day was here and we arrived at Chatham Dockyard to glorious blue skies that were almost cloudless. Martin and his crew were busying themselves on board HMS Gannet and were having a great time. Natasha was in The Commissioners House with all of the bridesmaids, all getting ready in a hive of activity.

Needless to say everyone was looking amazing and the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed.

We took lots of photos of the girls getting ready, final make up all done, bouquets in hands, veil on and in place and it was time to head to the wedding ceremony on HMS Gannet.

Commissioners House canopy. This is where the bride gets ready
SHOT by JFK Photography, Chatham Dockyard wedding 2

Bride and bridesmaids crossing the road at Chatham Historic Dockyard. There is a helicopter in the background
SHOT by JFK Photography, Chatham Dockyard wedding 3

I always love a wedding in a semi public place. I love watching peoples reaction to the Bride or the Bride and Groom when walking around or between areas. Although the Dockyard was pretty quiet on the day Natasha was greeted with several cheers and a few calls of "good luck" from members of the public which I always find to be a lovely little moment.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, a little bit of fun in just the right places, especially when a sudden and very brisk gust of wind blew Natasha's veil clean off her head, but Martins ninja like reactions saved the day as he caught it without missing a beat. there was a little laughter, there was some lovely meaningful moments, and there were a few tears from the guests. All in all that adds up to a pretty perfect ceremony for me.

With the ceremony finished we managed to get some amazing group photographs with HMS Gannet as a fantastic backdrop. One of the pleasures of photographing a wedding at Chatham Historic Dockyard is the amount of choice you have for your wedding photos. Historic buildings, plant or machinery, lifeboats, submarines, ships, the choice is large, and it is all yours.

One place we knew that a couple of photos had to be taken was at the top floor of No. 3 Slip. This iconic building is vast, and its timber construction is beyond impressive. So up we went to the very very top, No one was around and we had the entire top floor to ourselves.

The No.3 Slip mezzanine makes great photo location for your couples portrait

The Number 3 slip at Chatham Dockyard, a huge wooden framed building. Bride and Groom portrait.
SHOT by JFK Photography, Chatham Dockyard wedding 4

Natasha and Martin only wanted me to film their wedding ceremony and photograph their ceremony and some group shots afterwards so my day with them was almost finished. I took some photos of their receiving line for their wedding breakfast at The Commissioners House, a few more photos around the Dockyard as a little reminder of their day and it was time for me to go home.

If you are looking for a quirky venue and want your wedding to be remembered for all of the right reasons by your family and friends I can not recommend Chatham Historic Dockyard enough. We had so much fun on the day and there are just so many photo opportunities to be taken advantage of.

So if you are looking for your wedding photographer and you want your day to be captured just as beautifully as Natasha and Martins, you know what to do... click the link below and fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. I'd love to hear from you

The ceiling of The Commissioners House

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