Tudor Park Marriott - Kelly and Terrys amazing day

Last week SHOT by JFK Photography was able to attend the wedding of Kelly and Terry at the Tudor Park Marriott Hotel in Bearstead, near Maidstone.

Their wedding date had been changed a few times and SHOT by JFK Photography was a bit of a last minute booking. We were so glad to have been a part of their day though. See below for a brief and fun little over view of an amazing Kentish Wedding.

What a day, haha. As I pulled up into the car park of the hotel the clouds were gathering. Dark grey heavy clouds above a sea of yellow daffodils and cherry blossom in the gardens of The Tudor Park Marriott. The first thing I did was to grab my camera from the car and get a quick shot of the venue. I decided to do it straight away in case the heavens opened. I mean, it wasn't quite the scene out of Ghostbusters, but it was heading that way!!

With that done I nipped inside to meet Kelly and her Bridesmaids. Luckily they were totally non-plussed about the weather and were just enjoying the moment of getting ready. I could hear laughter as I got to their room so knew we were in for a great day. Kelly's young daughter, Kaycee-Mae and her Maid of Honour, Dawn, were the first to greet me, with big beaming smiles they joked about the weather and then got back to getting ready.

This was the first time I had photographed a wedding at Tudor Park so I left the ladies for a few minutes to go and have a wander round and see what was possible for various photographs. The venue is really lovely with some great space outside in the gardens and also a really cool main foyer which I knew would provide an amazing backdrop for some photographs if we had to stay indoors.

Right, time for some fun photos to start with. We got the girls and we headed as discreetly as we could to the main bar area. Discreet is not easy with giggling and laughing Bride and Bridesmaids. but discreet is what we aimed for. haha It was totally worth it though. We had a really fun five minutes with lots of messing about and lots more laughter, before all running back to the room before anyone caught us.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the ceremony. There was one more photo that I just had to put together quickly of Kelly before she went in to the ceremony room. The main reception foyer at Tudor Park made for an epic bride portrait. Who wouldn't love this one....

As a surprise for Kelly and very much unknot to her, her Maid of Honour had arranged with me to film the wedding ceremony for Kelly and Terry. Ceremony filming is an extra that I offer. It is very unobtrusive, very affordable, and it gives a lovely extra dimension to your wedding photography package. Check out my option extras page for more details of what options are available here https://www.shotbyjfk.co.uk/optional-extras

With the ceremony itself finished everyone headed down to the reception room. As there was a little break in the weather and the snow had stopped we decided to get everyone together for a quick group photograph outside. Well, wouldn't you now it, as soon as I got everyone outside and almost lined up it started to sleet. Cold? nah, not cold at all, haha. Well that was the fastest group photograph ever taken and we quickly sent all of Kelly and Terrys guests back inside. Kelly, Terry and the groomsmen and bridesmaids braved the weather though and stayed outside for a few smaller group photographs. We got through them pretty swiftly and managed to get some lovely photographs before sending everyone back inside for a warm up.

Some more candid photographs inside the main reception room of guests having fun, and of course of the room decor itself and suddenly there was some sunshine. Seriously, we have had rain, sleet, snow already today. We had to withstand Operation Brock which caused chaos around the whole area. Guests and even the registrars were a little bit late arriving due to the huge traffic jams in the area. All of this was going on and Kelly and Terry kept their amazing smiles all day long. I really wanted to get some lovely photos of just the pair of them, so with the sun popping out for a show now was the chance. You simply can not beat that golden glow from late afternoon sun.

SHOT by JFK had an absolutely amazing time photographing Kelly and Terrys wedding. We felt so lucky to witness this gorgeous pair say "I do". Some couples may have felt overwhelmed on the day with everything that was thrown at them but Kelly and Terry just kept smiling. Their guests had a lovely time. They had a lovely time, and SHOT by JFK Photography had a lovely time too.

Best wishes to you both. We wish you all the love and happiness and hope you enjoy looking through your photographs and watching that little video for may years to come.

Thank you both.

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