A studio photoshoot in your own home.........

We all know how hard it is when you have a new baby don't we. Hormones are still all over the place, and so are nappies, and those gorgeous little baby grows. So after you have just got home with your new baby do you really want to pack enough clothes, nappies, and baby wipes, nappy cream, for a week just to come out to a photo studio. Well, now you may not have to.

At SHOT by JFK Photography I was thinking after a recent newborn shoot how difficult it was for mummy and daddy to actually get to the studio and everything that is involved in doing so. There is so much involved in even the simplest of outings when your baby is only a few days old. It didn't even occur to me at that point that walking in to my studio space might be daunting and a little scary for some mum and dads.

So I decide to find an easier way. A better way for all of my clients to get the beautiful studio quality newborn baby photos that they deserve. That is how I came up with my mobile studio approach. SHOT by JFK now has the ability to come to your home and photograph your baby there in studio conditions. You will not tell the difference in quality between our main studio photographs and our mobile studio photographs. But you will see how much more easy it is for you and how much more comfortable it is for both you and your baby.

These photos were taken on our recent visit to Sara and Nicholas' home. Little Lottie (who was an absolute star) had all of her comforts around her. It was all familiar to her, no strange sounds, no cold big empty studio full of echo, and if anything was needed it was just there, where it always is, at home.

Lottie's shoot lasted an hour (well, maybe a little bit more) and her mummy and daddy got some beautiful photographs without leaving home. They chose their favourite ones from their online gallery, the faves were then edited and available to download. All the benefits of a professional studio sitting with all the benefits of staying at home. Perfect!

So, what do you need to do if you want a newborn shoot at home. Well just drop me a message and let's get it arranged. It is as simple as that.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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