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It'll never happen to us......... wedding insurance and why you should have it in place.

Updated: Feb 6

We certainly hope that our wedding day and all that leads up to it will go smoothly and without problem don't we. And usually that is exactly how our weddings go. Weeks, months sometimes even years of planning all lead up to the biggest and most special day of our lives, and its perfect, well, perfect except for Bob who got drunk before the speeches on too many Jager bombs and then fell asleep in the hydrangea bush whilst Lauren was looking for him all over the place. She went on to pull Jeremy and is now loving life away from Wobbly Bob, but I digress.

This is a generic library image/gif and not really Wobbly Bob*

But what happens on that very few occasions when things don't go to plan. What happens when your wedding venue pulls out last minute? I mean, it won't happen. It won't!! but what if it does?

This is where you will be thankful that you listened to your Kent wedding photographer when he said " You wouldn't go on the holiday of a lifetime without making sure you had insurance in place would you. No, of course you wouldn't. And your wedding is more important than that holiday is isn't it? Of course it is! You should be insured as should those that you hire to be a part pf your day, your Kent cake maker, florist, or your Kent wedding photographer".

You will be relived to hear that I am not going to chat here about the big dark cloud that was 2020 and 2021 (and even 2022). Let's leave that where it is. But other things can go wrong and they don't have to be a global pandemic to have an effect on your wedding day.

A few years ago one of my couples woke up 6 days before their wedding with an awful tummy bug. I wont go in to details but it wasn't nice. They were even talking about calling off their wedding. When they spoke to me we decided to give it until 2 days before the wedding day and see what happens then. It was leaving it last minute admittedly but, luckily, 2 days before their wedding they were no longer being sick. On the day of their wedding they were okay to have their big day. But wow, it was a close thing. literally 48 hours later and their day would not have happened and would have been cancelled.

Over the 10 years or so that I have been photographing weddings I have come across a few couples that have lost a lot of money all for the sake of saving a few quid, or, not really even knowing that wedding insurance was even a thing. In the grand scheme of what your wedding day will cost, the £50 to £150 ish pounds your insurance would cost might be very well spent money.

a library image of a venue with an outdoor ceremony area
SHOT by JFK Photography - Library image 1

This is a generic library image, not a venue featured in this blog*

In the last 6 weeks (as I write this blog) I have now heard of 4 wedding venues in the South East that have ceased trading. All for various reasons and all closing their doors with almost immediate effect. One couple have been left with less than 7 weeks to find a new venue and re-arrange their gorgeous wedding day. It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear stories from so many couples like this. One of my couples has been affected and we are working around it trying to sort a new venue and a new date that suits everyone.

Of the dozens of couples that have had their wedding plans ruined I can't imagine any one of them thought it might be the venue that would ruin their big day. All of these couples will now have to find an alternative venue. This will quite likely mean they will be paying 2023 prices and not the 2022 or 2021 prices they paid when originally booking. So they now need to factor in additional costs to their already incredibly stressful re-planning. But this is just another of many reasons why you really should have your wedding insurance in place.

I really should point out that I am not a sales person for insurance, but I have always suggested that my couples take some out to make sure they are covered in case something happens. It is so very sadly true that the mundane does happen and things can go wrong. But please don't think I am qualified to tell you what insurance you need to get. This is a discussion you need to have with an insurance broker or underwriter.

library image of a signed document hinting towards insurance
SHOT by JFK - library image of a document 1

This is not a real insurance certificate signed by the Chancellor*

What might be covered by your insurance?

Well this is really something to ask your insurers but you can easily expect the following to be insured

cancellation or rearrangement of your wedding - this might be due to flooding, fire, or your wedding venue closing for business.

clothing, including wedding dress and suits - this might cover you if your wedding dress or suit get damaged or stolen - but not if it is stolen by Wobbly Bob to play dress up with..

wedding flowers, rings, cake - this might cover you for your wedding ring if it's stolen or lost/damaged. Your engagement ring/s probably won't be covered, but check with your provider.

wedding transport - If your car fails to show up, or your horse and carriage breakdown you might be covered for emergency alternative transport

a wedding cake that is toppling over whilst still in its delivery box
SHOT by JFK Photography - wedding cake in a box-1

This is a genuine cake from a genuine wedding*

a close up photo of a brides wedding ring sitting in a rose in her bouquet
sHOT by JFK wedding ring close up photo-1

This is a real ring shot from one of my gorgeous couples day*

Not everything will be covered and again, I would recommend you talking to your insurance provider for a list of what is and what is not covered. (At a guess, the damage Wobbly Bob did to that hydrangea wont be covered for a start.)

Of course the more expensive your amazing day is going to be, the more your insurance is likely to cost.

When should you take out your insurance?

As soon as possible and as soon as you start booking things ideally. Many providers won't insure your wedding more than two years out though so just keep that in mind.

To see some of my lovely weddings that went ahead and were totally amazing click the button to go to my galleries page.

For anyone interested in Wobbly Bob, he is real. He was at a wedding I attended and I do have photos of him asleep under the hydrangea bush, and Lauren really is much happier now. But for obvious reasons I am keeping all of the details a secret for when I release my memoirs, and, I have changed his name for the purpose of this blog.

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